Interview: Aeora


Bossy sees the first single release from Aeora for 2017 with her finding an empowering and darker edge. Known for her raw emotion and commanding vocals, Melbourne’s Lisa Spencer aka Aeora draws together her experiences as a teenager, focus on country singing techniques, the admiration of strong female vocalists and her bedroom production.

Bossy is about “being a woman, being insecure about certain things I do and feeling a bit shut down by people. That’s how it began. And this idea of being confident coming across as ‘bossy‘ because I’m a woman”, Lisa says.

We caught up with Aeora to find out more.

Absolutely digging Boss-y and the super catchy chorus. Can you tell us more about it?
I started writing Boss-y last year, and started with a concept of asking myself why I had such insecurities and anxiety over simple things, like asking for things or why I spoke really quietly sometimes when I was really trying to make a point. So the verses really reflect that story, but it took me a while to get the chorus’, until I realised these insecurities were because I didn’t want to come across as ‘bossy’. So, I really wanted to make the chorus empowering – I want to be able to speak loudly, be intelligent, be confident and know that doesn’t mean I’m too in your face – I can be proud about it. I think the song was really important for me because it really reflects where I’ve been and where I am now.


You’ve been gigging through the East Coast. What’s your favourite thing about live shows?

Honestly I just love the buzz and the high I get from performing. The nerves kick in, but then the adrenaline makes it really fun. I used to get so nervous about shows, I’d forget lyrics and really hate myself because I’d get so embarrassed. But now I just really love it. I definitely love singing the most (I’ve always been more of a singer/songwriter than anything else), but really living through those moments I write about is really cool too. I tend to really relive it all and that means I show a lot of emotion.

Who inspires you to do music?

I think my first singing inspirations were Kylie Minogue and Delta Goodrem when I was like 8-10. Taylor Swift was my next inspiration to start writing my own music when I was around 12, and now my biggest inspirations are BANKS, Sohn, Lorde, Beyonce and probably Sia.

What does the future hold for you?

I’ll be finishing my degree this year so some goals are definitely going to be music related. I’m planning to focus my whole attention on music soon so with that I look to improve on my production skills and my piano playing. I’ll also be releasing a few more singles this year (all of them being probably the best songs I’ve written so far, so that’s exciting).

Since releasing your EP, how’ve you grown as an artist?

I’m definitely, as I said, more confident as an artist. I know what I want now and I have a vision of what that means. I’ve started to ask for more things and have bigger idea’s for myself. I’ve started working with different people – people who are doing really cool things themselves. So it feels like I’m learning a lot and just generally growing. I just want to do the best I can, and with that comes big expectations. I feel like having big expectations for yourself can be seen as a bad thing – but I really enjoy it. It makes all this feel really important and just like huge things are coming.

Any advice you’d give aspiring creatives?

Hmm, I guess just keep learning. I always say this, but I really think this is important. If you like how someone is doing something, learn how to do it. You can learn how to do it and then make it how you want it exactly – building on your own experiences and your own feelings – and then suddenly you’re making stuff you’ve always wanted to. It feels good.