Introducing Alexander

Once in a while, you come across a band who just have this incredible vibe that you can’t help but love. The boys from Alexander have that vibe. With their indie pop feels, Alexander are a four piece group from Newcastle who create head bobbing, heart beating tracks that’ll send a girl into instant fan mode. Only forming in early 2012, Alexander bring a fresh view to the indie pop scene. With a 90’s kinda feel, the lads have had great success with their debut EP ‘Say Hello’ where they toured with sold out shows. Now, the boys are back in action with new tours and a brand new jam that’ll have you hooked. We got together with the lads to have a chat.

You guys just released a video for your latest track, 4am. Congrats on the hype around it all! Can you tell us a bit about the song and the video?

Thank you, it’s amazing how many people have been digging it! The song was originally a studio idea that we had no intention of working on but it kept pulling us back for some reason! I guess it’s the whole feel of the track and the nostalgic under tones that is so addictive.

The video was directed by our very talented friend Jamie Korn (Lovevisart). After sending the track over to him, he knew exactly where to go with it, vibe wise. Saved by the bell and some other early 90’s influences where thrown in the mix and we just went with his amazing vision!

It’s only been a few years that Alexander has actually been a band. Tell us about how you guys formed, what/who your sound is like and some of your musical highlights so far.

We’ve all been best friends for years, writing together, gigging together, you name it! It just came to the point where we fancied doing this for real and to get our butts on the road touring. So Alexander was born and with that came our music influences and visions! We really love our nostalgic music, the songs that take us right back to being little horrors running around tearing sh%#* up! Guess the idea of never growing up and living to love what we do in the here and now is what keeps us inspired.

October is full of some exciting tour dates for you guys! What can fans expect/why should new fans come to the gigs?

We are beyond buzzed for these shows, it’s redic. This is our most important tour yet as the venues and crowds are bigger! Fans can expect the same fun and chilled ALXNDR vibe they always get! But this time were taking it up a notch stage production wise! More reason to come down and get into the vibe with us. No panties on stage though please.

What is Alexander planning next and what are future musical goals? Any chance Australia is in the cards?

Oz is definitely in the cards for the future! We’re just excited to be releasing more music and smashing some tours in the face. 2016 is looking pretty bright from our end but obviously there’s things we can’t share with you lot as of yet!

(P.S No tours where harmed in the making of this interview)

What advice would you guys give to people who are trying to chase their dreams?


..or get a dream catcher, duh.

No but seriously, just keep at it, don’t let anything put you off, you can climb any mountain as long as your a Capricorn, even if you don’t believe it!