REVIEW: Ariana Grande @ ICC Sydney | 8.09.17


You know when you’re going through the airport and you’ve got to put your things in that box, take your jacket off and get tapped down? Well that’s exactly how tight security was at the ICC Sydney Theatre for Ariana Grande’s show last Friday night.

A crowd of young girls and their mothers filled the arena. You could still sense the fear in parents as they put their belongings in clear zip lock bags. Any sound too loud caused sweats and a tightened grip on hands. As the lights went down, screams went up, kitty ears went on and instantly, everything before that moment had been forgotten.

The vibe was set from the get go. Starting with Be Alright, Ariana and her crew of hottie male back up dancers took the stage with fire choreography. The combined sounds of sexy pop and r&b filled the arena for the next two and a half hours with songs like Side to Side, Problem, Into You and more. With high notes and even higher stilettos, Ariana went through outfit changes, ballads and dance routines like a pro.

What has obviously been a crazy year for Ariana, the emotion was evident in her one Love Manchester tribute with Somewhere Over The Rainbow, which also happened to be one of her grandad’s favourites. With a shaky voice, the crowd cheered on for Ariana and kept their lights swaying in unison as they wiped away tears.

The night ended with Dangerous Woman, which is exactly what Ariana Grande is. You think back to the Manchester One Love concert when her and a bunch of artists were able to raise MILLIONS of dollars for those 22 people that lost their lives..amazing, right?

Imagine what they could do for the rest of the world…