Interview: Elsie and The Vibe

elsie and the vibe

After touring the east coast of the US, Australian indie soul/R&B artist Elsie and The Vibe, has released her debut self-titled EP, ahead of her debut Australian headline show at The Toff in Town on August 24. The Melbourne-raised artist’s self-titled debut EP, Elsie and The Vibe, weaves threads of soul, Motown, R&B and gospel into a dynamic fabric of modern pop to create an EP overflowing with ear candy. Wecaught up with Elsie to find out more!

Tell us about how Elsie and the Vibe came about. 

Music was always something that I was passionate about. I grew up playing the piano and started writing songs when I was about 13 or 14 years old, but I had terrible stage fright and never showed my songs to other people. As I got older I dabbled in a few different career paths, but I decided that it was important to me to pursue the things that I loved doing. I didn’t want to settle for something I wasn’t passionate about, so I pushed myself to overcome my fears and jumped in to music! I started trying to perform as much as I could and play with other musicians. My name is Elise, but my sister, cousins and friends have always called me Elsie as a nickname – so I went with that! The Vibe is the rotating group of musicians that I play with that are integral to the music and show!

What kind of work went into your self-titled debut album? 

It was a huge project to put together – it ended up taking a number of years to finish as I wanted to make the EP the best it could possibly be! The tracks are a collection of songs I’ve written that all touch on the themes of embracing vulnerability and finding empowerment in exposing who you are and what you believe. I worked with two different producers and a number of musicians to really get that big band, old-soul sound. My favourite track is probably Riverside, I love performing it so much – it swells into such an uplifting chorus and the song usually manages to lift the whole room with it!

Listen to the EP below.

What are you most excited about for the live show?

It will be the first time I’ll be performing the EP with such a large band! There’s a horn section, three backing vocalists and some other special features that are going to make the gig a whole lot of fun.

Tickets to the launch show at The Toff in Town on August 24 can be purchased at or via

What can people expect from Elise and the Vibe in the future?

I’m actually really excited to start recording and performing some of my new material. I spent the last year immersing myself in the New York music scene – I learnt a lot of new things, was exposed to a lot of different types of music and had a whole lot of new experiences. It’s going to be really great to create some new sounding stuff!

Any advice you’d give other aspiring artists?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Music is such a collaborative process, and there will always be someone who will know more than you about a certain aspect – it can often be a good thing to ask for help!