Introducing JoBee


Belgian-based Urban Electronica artist JoBee Project releases a shimmering new album, ‘The Blossoming.’ We caught up with her to find out more!

You released your album The Blossoming. Tell us the kind of work that went into it.

It has been like a dream come true, but also a magical process and a lot of hard work consisting of lots of travelling, lots of planning, discipline, and coordination. It has been spread over a few years of collaborations and I believe it really represents this journey, as well as my musical development over the years, marking a new chapter after The Falling album, which was released in 2011.

Get the album here.


How did you get into music?

I was born with music, my father is a musician, and it was him who made sure I was exposed to music listening, playing and singing from early days. I was always the loudest child in our small village in Poland, where I come from, always signing, in church, at school, at theatre projects. Forever performing, acting the role of an American dramatic pop star. Running in my blood, but also through working with great music teachers who made me believe that I can reach the stars and I should chase my dream of becoming a singer no matter what, and I have been since, and here I am.

You founded the female hip hop SUPAFLY COLLECTIVE in 2009. How did you come up with this and why is it important to you?

Putting women in music in the front!

Empowered women should empower other women, and that was my starting point when I met Jeanette Petri aka Jee Nice, the editor in chief of Anattitude Magazine (the first and only existing international Hip Hop magazine on print, to present the female side of Hip Hop culture), when she was about to finish the 3rd issue of her magazine. I was already at that time running my radio show on FM Brussel radio, and thought I could help out to connect with other music minded people, as I instantly loved her work so much! Together we decided to throw a big release event in Brussels! We wanted to bring together a team of creative and motivated ladies with a heart for hip hop, exactly in the spirit of Anattitude. We got together the urban photographer Lizairo, CYMO-blogger & music manager Nadia-O, singer/DJ Fatoosan, music manager Vaneeshua and musician/DJ MikiGold. It was instantly clear that we were on the same page when it came to the rich culture of hip hop.

It has been a beautiful and enriching journey, it is so important to highlight the presence of women in music, and specifically in hip hop, oftentimes I am the only girl on the line up of music events- that has to change, that is my main drive also as feminist and activist and artist, and I will never stop!

What’s in store for JoBee in the coming months?

Future looks very bright! I am currently working on several collaborations with both female and male rappers, as well as on my own EP with a Belgian producer! You are about to hear more about JoBee in near future. New videos coming up as well –  I am working with an amazing creative film director from Poland. Also, concerts and hopefully a new tour in spring! Stay tuned fly bees!

What advice would you give other aspiring artists?

Follow your dreams and do not let anyone tell you your dreams are too high or too unrealistic! Follow your gut feeling, you can get a lot of great advise out there, but what your intuition tells you is often the closest to the truth, also make sure to grow on a daily, stay disciplined and clear, make sure to work out, drink a lot of water, take care of your body, dance if you can, practice music every day. Make it your everyday routine, hard work pays off, sooner or later.
Make sure to surround yourself with artists you look up to, those who can elevate you ever higher and higher, drop all the negative and pessimistic ones, you don’t need that.

Keep on pushing, don’t just sit and wait, be proactive, reach out on a daily to labels, artists, musicians and producers. Just ask the universe all that you wish for and you will get it, there is no other way! Stay positive! Stay fly!