4 Easy Ways To Get Over Jetlag

There’s an indescribable feeling of getting off a plane into a new country. It’s almost a state of shock as you take in the city while you’re on the way to your accommodation from the airport. Whether it’s bright lights in New York, rural roads in Cambodia or seaside views in Santorini, you notice every single thing about new the place you’re in.

Even though you’re excited, when you finally make it to your accommodation, jetlag takes over and you want to nap. The same thing happens the next day, and the next, until you start feeling like you’re not making the most of your travels. So, how do you beat that evil thing called jetlag? Here are a few ways that could help.


Leave your departure country comfortable and arrive in to your new city comfortable. This means being on the flight in comfortable clothes, sleeping throughout the flight and waking up feeling refreshed. By doing these things, not only will your body and mind feel better, but you won’t be grubby and dysfunctional.


No really, don’t do it. It’s tempting to jump into your hostel/hotel bed, but your body clock needs to adapt into the new time zone. If you arrive into a country in the morning, don’t sleep until night and if you arrive at night, then go to sleep. You’ll wake up the next morning feeling better and you’ll be able to transition easier. Sleeping at the right times are crucial for getting rid of jetlag so really try and avoid that day time nap.


If you can, try to avoid the caffeinated drinks for the first few days of arriving into your travels. That’s everything from a 500ml redbull to that soy mocha fancy la-di-da drink that you usually get every morning. By sticking to H2O, your body will be hydrated throughout the day and you wont feel sluggish, which is how you can feel after the effects of your coffee or energy drink wear out. Water is awesome, so if you’re jetlagged or not, drink more of it when you’re travelling.


Getting outdoors and breathing in that fresh air will help keep your mind off the jetlag. It’ll not only get your blood flowing, but being outside will help you feel awake and can assist in settling into the new time zone. By getting out and around, you’ll be so distracted by all the beautiful things around you that sleep will be the last thing on your mind, so get out there and enjoy it.



Post originally seen on LetzLive.