kehlani review

It’s crazy to think that last year, Kehlani was lying in a hospital bed after a suicide attempt. Life nearly knocked her down but luckily enough, it didn’t. Now, Kehlani is selling out shows all around the world. Last week she rocked the Enmore Theatre in Sydney.

Opening the night was Brisbane based artist, Joy. Looking like an angel, Joy didn’t disappoint. Her sounds of synth electro filled the theatre. She performed a bunch of tracks as well as finishing up with her new banger, which is being released soon.

By 8:30pm, the sweet smell of marijuana filled the air. Everyone was either high off weed or high off the vibes. Noodz knew what was up. Spinning the best hip-hop tunes for the next half hour, the crowd was hyped. Bandanas, braids and Adidas stans filled the Enmore Theatre. SZAs Love Galore had crowds belting their pipes in unison, while Cardi Bs Bodak Yellow had hands slapping the air. Everyone was itching for Kehlani.

Rocking a baggy tee and ripped white pants, Kehlani took the stage, opening with her hit Keep On, from her debut album Sweet, Sexy, Savage. The floor was vibrating. Everybody was up, singing and dancing. The night continued on with banger after banger. For someone who has only released one album and a couple mixtapes, every song was a hit – there were no breaks, no tracks to fill the time. The night was constant from the moment Kehlani stepped on, until the moment she stepped off.

Of course, a gig isn’t complete without an artist pouring their heart out. The difference with Kehlani? Well, you actually believe it. The 22 year old connected with the audience as she spoke about LGBT rights and using the power of voice. She’s someone who makes you believe that we can make a difference.

Ending the night, Kehlani’s biggest hit, CRZY, was exactly that. The crowd belted out the popular track so loud that you could hear it down the street. It was the perfect end to a CRZY concert.