Introducing Levingstone

Sydney-based band, Levingstone are only new on the scene. As they combine the soft sounds of soul, jazz, rock and r&b, this five piece band aren’t what you usually see, but they are definitely one to keep an eye on. As they release their debut single, One Up, Levingstone take you on a journey where you can imagine yourself lying on the beach with a glass of sangria in one hand and a cuban cigar in the other. We got together with the group to find out more!

Tell us a bit about Levingstone and how you guys formed.

We all met studying music, and became close friends very quickly. We started playing together almost immediately, though didn’t start writing together as Levingstone until mid-2014. Describing our style is something we find difficult (typical, we know!), because we all come from such different backgrounds. The music definitely isn’t ‘genre-based’ for us – its more about using the sounds that serve the song, whatever that particular song’s story needs… Having said that – jazz, soul and alt. rock are definitely prominent colours in our sound.

When being in a band, what do you think are the most important things when working together? What is it that makes you gel so well to create great music?

One of the most important things is not losing sight of the friendship you had in the beginning – we started out as friends that were also musicians, and a ‘band rehearsal’ to us is really just hanging out and getting to be creative together. I think that’s also why we find it so easy to write together, too – we know each other really well, and that helps us navigate each other musically too.

What’s in the cards for Levingstone?

We’re touring at the moment, so that’s taking up pretty much all of our energy, both creative and otherwise! We’re planning on another single release late this year, and the EP should be released early next year! After that, we’re probably almost ready to hit the studio again… we’ve been writing like crazy. We’d love to do an even bigger Australian tour, and then hopefully cross the water…


What advice would you give to people chasing their dreams?

To not worry about what people around you are doing – just focus on creating something that really means something to you. It doesn’t matter if its not the hippest thing happening, or if its the flavour of the moment – if its genuine and real, the right people will tune in to it and that’s what matters.