Introducing Lucy B

With her heartfelt music that displays a certain raw emotion, Lucy B is definitely no stranger to the music scene. The Sydney singer/song writer is back in action with her new video, Walking Without Shoes, from her album Chasing Sparks. We got together with Lucy to find out everything about it, and more.

Walking Without Shoes has been released! What can you tell us about the video and why did you choose to release this track as the next single?
This song is one of my favourites. It explores the feeling of being in a toxic relationship and not knowing where you stand, something which I have experienced on more than one occasion. I chose it as the next single because it resonated with people. Many people can relate to that feeling of not knowing where you stand in a relationship or where you’re heading, hence what it is like to ‘walk without shoes.’

The video clip is filmed at Berrimer Maze, an hour outside of Sydney. The director and I chose the maze to set the clip in as it is a metaphor for being trapped in a relationship. The clip follows me as I wake up in the maze and try to get out only to be led down the wrong path by a mysterious person who prevents me from escaping. To me, this captures what the song is about and how it feels to be in a toxic relationship.


Tell us more about your debut album, Chasing Sparks. What kind of work went in to it and what the album means to you.

Chasing Sparks is a heart felt and very personal album. It is in the style of acoustic pop and is a collection of songs that I have always wanted to record. Filled with songs dedicated to people and places in my life, it ranges from love songs, to songs about my old dog, to the pressures of social media to a song I wrote for friend who’s wife passed away.

The album is extra special to me as it was funded through a crowd funding Possible Campaign, which meant my fans were able to be involved in the process. One of the songs for instance, the first single I released ‘I Still,’ came about when one of the pledgers asked me to write a song for his wife who passed away and it ended up being one of my favourites on the album – so it means a lot to me that my fans were able to be a part of the album’s creation. The title ‘Chasing Sparks’ is about searching for the good things in life. I came up with this title after a partially difficult time in my life and it resonated with me as it reflected me looking for a spark to get life back on track.
How have the last few years been for you as an artist? What have been some highlights, and what can people expect from you in the year to come?
The last few years have been interesting and exciting. I’ve been performing around Sydney with my band, recorded Chasing Sparks with Sean Carey (former guitarist from Thirsty Merc) and been busy shooting video clips for the album singles, like this one – Walking Without Shoes. Over the next few weeks I’ll be filming another video clip, continue to perform live and eventually get back into the recording studio to produce the next album.

What advice would you give to people chasing their dreams?
My advice for artists would be to aim high but set realistic and achievable goals. Try to do one thing to further your creative dream everyday, even if it’s small. But also to be flexible. If things aren’t working, sometimes it’s best to try something else and not be too hard on yourself. It’s all a learning curve and you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Be positive and enjoy the ride.