Fresh: Gareth Jay | Run To Me

run to me

Gareth Jay is back with a hauntingly beautiful track called ‘Run To Me. The track  revolves around the concept of relationships, and the idea that even though they can seem perfect, you can still have down times, tired times and moments when life feels hard.

Gareth says, ” in those times you need someone to support you and this song is just kind of a reminder of that. I channel Otis Redding and The Staple Singers. You can hear it particularly in the bass, vibe and harmonies in this track”.
Gareth’s on a new musical journey to create something different. His new direction of music has seen his previous track ‘The Fox and The Rabbit’ being played across local radio stations and blogs. The track was instantly embraced by Triple J’s Roots n All.

“I found record labels trying to put me in a box, and I felt that was really restrictive to my process so have decided to embrace being an independent creative,” Gareth says. “With encouragement from my friends and family I’m taking some risks and opening up myself to showcasing the music and stories that I am creating; however they come. And, with that change I’ve never produced more content,” he said.

Listen to Run To Me below.