6 Travel Jobs For The Wanderlust Soul


It’s every travellers dream to have a job where you can trot around the globe making some kind of money to support your wanderlust ways. If you’re the kind of person that’s not cut out for a 9-5 and dream about being in a different place, check out these jobs that allow you to travel around as well as work overseas.


Tour guides have the opportunity to live in another city, learnt the local language and show a bunch of hung-over backpackers the historical sites. This kind of job allows you to meet travellers from around the world, make friends and get to know a city in and out. It’s best for people who are social, outgoing and love to talk. Contiki, Busabout and Topdeck are companies who are always looking for new guides, so go check them out!


This is probably the first travel job that comes to mind for many people. A flight attendant job let’s you travel around the world and land in a different city all the time. Even though the lifestyle can be exhausting and difficult, the discounts are worth it, especially when you wake up in Sydney and go to bed in Bangkok. This job is best suited for people who are good in customer service and are happy with fast pace work.


Though the living conditions on a cruise ship can be tough, you get to wake up everyday on a boat and get free meals. There are so many positions available on cruise ships. Everything from housekeeping, hospitality and entertainment, a job on a cruise ship is perfect for anyone really. It allows you took meet people from around the world, travel to different places and zone out from the real world.


Being an au pair is perfect for that traveller who loves kids and wants to settle for a bit. You get to live with the host family while looking after the children and earning a bit of extra cash, all while having a roof over your head. This is great for someone who wants to explore a city, but still wants the comfort of having some sort of stability for a few months or longer.


Teaching English, aid assistance and nurse work all allow you to travel to different countries in order to help others. Speaking English in a foreign country is such a big advantage. Not only does it benefit the students, but it’s something that’ll benefit you and get you straight into the local culture of a city. Nurse and aid assistance are in high demand at the moment, so you can hop around from different cities helping out hospitals where they need it. In most cases, aid and nurse workers are supplied with accommodation so you’ll be able to get comfortable and spend your earning on exploring the city you’re in.


Freelancing means that you can work from anywhere you choose while doing little projects to get some kind of income. Popular freelance jobs include photography and writing, where the career path of being a digital nomad is expanding very quickly. Freelance work allows you to move around as freely as you like and work anywhere from a beach in Croatia to a coffee shop in New York!