Watch: Yungblud | Tin Pan Boy


Yungblud has spent the past 12 months touring the world, taking his music out there on the road. However he knows where home is. Trouble is, though, whenever he comes back it always seems to change…

Born in Yorkshire but falling in love with London’s Soho neighbourhood, Yungblud feels appalled by the vast and sudden changes taking over central London. The new track ‘Tin Pan Boy‘ pits the area’s history against its re-development, and asks who is really benefiting.

Yungblud: “This was my opportunity to create a visualisation of the shit I saw in my head when I wrote the song. I wanted to show the high energy, angry, yet slightly schizophrenic side to my personality. It’s the first time I’ve directed anything and I had such an insane time. It was amazing to watch a mental idea I had come to life.”

Check out the visuals below.