Introducing Yvé Gold

It’s hard to describe an artist like Yvé Gold. With a charismatic look that’ll suck you right in, Yvé is the perfect combination of a laid back yet extremely focussed individual. As she portrays a cool, calm and collected vibe, Yvé is definitely one to lookout for. Not only is she doing things for women in Australian hip-hop, but with her creative flow, she’s proving herself as a rapper, singer and lyricist. Having three of her tracks already hit the Triple J Unearthed Charts, it’s obvious that the future is bright for this Melbourne viber. We got together with the artist herself to find out a little more about all things Yvé.

Tell us about Yvé Gold.

Yve Gold is infinite possibilities – What I mean is that my vibe is constantly evolving. I don’t believe in art having boundaries or being separated into finite categories so I create music that reflects all parts of me.  Connection & love are the main elements I keep in mind when creating music – that’s what I offer you as a music maker & a performer.

How did your love of music come about?

My love for music has always been very existent. My mother used to play me classical music as a baby & I remember joining the school choir as a young girl and later on starting guitar lessons around 13. I was born in ’91 so I was part of the generation that grew up listening to Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys – I think the very first album I owned was “Baby, One More Time” by Britney Spears – Needless to say, my taste in music has broadened since 1999.  Favourite albums include Lauryn Hill – Miseducation of Lauryn Hill / John Mayer – Continuum / Usher – 8701 / Eminem – Recovery / Frank Ocean – Channel Orange. Some of my favourite artists would have to be Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, Metallica, Dean Martin, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson and Outkast.

What drives you and your music?

My potential drives me. My purpose. The objective is to be the best version of myself possible and to inspire others to do the same – If I can encourage people to do what makes them come alive, then my job is mostly done. The way we observe the world, people around us, situations – that’s what inspires. Perception is everything when creating art – our individual view of the universe is what we offer when we make music – that’s the basis of our connection with the listeners.

What’s can people expect from you this year and what are some future music goals?

2015 has already been so great, the next 4 months are only gonna get better! We’re always busy in the studio, so you can expect new music and planning is well under way for the Lioness music video. We’re involved in a few fashion-based collaborations and constantly working with other brilliant musicians to bring fiery live shows. The goal is to be playing festivals in the next 3-6 months- we have a few prospects on the horizon and it’s time to make them a reality – we’ll definitely be keeping you posted.

What advice would you give to people trying to chase their dreams?

The corny lines always come from a place of truth so use them + believe them. Learn about the Laws of Attraction and always remember that you are the architect of your own world, build one you want to live in.